App Install Paid Search Ads Come to Google Play

Anybody that’s spent even a limited amount of time working in digital marketing knows that paid search can be one of the most effective, scalable solutions for reaching new consumers. Google — the company that was built on search — likely understands this better than anyone; and, given they happen to own the Android mobile platform (and the store in which Android apps can be found), the company is combining the two to allow for additional advertising efforts for app developers.

Google Play search ads began to roll-out to AdWords advertisers beginning yesterday, according to a post on the Inside AdWords blog. Search ads in the Google Play store were first announced back in February; however, until this point, they’ve been available to limited advertisers only. Now, any advertisers running search app install ads will be eligible to show ads in Google Play directly.

Image via Inside AdWords

As shown above, Google Play search ads will be shown to users who search the store for certain terms, very similar to how the SERP functions on Advertisers have the chance to get in front of even the most popular apps in a particular category.

Along with the Google Play search ads, the company will be rolling-out the capability to track Android app first open metrics. This new conversion tool will allow advertisers & developers to track beyond just the install — it gives them visibility into how many of those installers actually open the app once it is on their phone.

In the coming weeks, Google will also be introducing an Express-like tool in AdWords for developers called Universal App Campaigns. Like AdWords Express, this campaign type is meant to make app install campaigns easier for non-search folks to manage; however, it will come with more limited options for optimization.