Google Search Ad Labels Officially Going Green

After running an initial test in Europe back in April, Google Search ad labels are officially going green for users globally across all devices and platforms.

If you’re not seeing the switch from yellow, you will be soon. Google confirmed the rollout to Search Engine Land last week—meaning, the color-change is past the testing phase. I tried a test with the same query on desktop and two different mobile browsers, all three of which sported the green ad label.

While Google doesn’t disclose the rationale behind changes such as this, it is interesting that they’ve decided to go away from yellow (typically perceived as “caution”) and to green, which is also the same color of the display URLs in paid search ads. Therefore, Google may be doing a service to advertisers with these new green ad labels. We’ll have to wait and see if green helps boost CTRs at all, especially in combination with expanded text ads, being introduced globally later this year.