Android Users Can Try Your Apps Right From Google Search

Three months after debuting app streaming from the Google Display Network, the company premiered the opportunity for app developers to give Android users a 10-minute “free trial” of their mobile game via paid search ads.

Google Search Trial Run Ads, announced today at the Game Developers Conference, are in beta at the moment, available for “limited advertisers”. The Trial Run Ads highlight sponsored Android games in search results, and give interested parties the option to try the app before physically installing it on their device.

Image via Google

Streaming apps via organic search results has been available on Google since November of last year, making the new Google Search Trial Run Ads a natural next-step. The upside is evident: with an estimated 25% of apps installed only used once, allowing users to test before they fully commit to a download, will, conceivably, result in less app abandonment later on. The one limitation at present, however, is that the Trial Run Ads are limited to Android users.

Since these Search Trial Run Ads are in beta, app advertisers will likely not find this option in their AdWords interface just yet; if you’re looking to test these out, contact your Google account rep.