Historical Quality Score Data Comes to AdWords

Keeping track of individual keyword performance via spreadsheets? Thanks to some new updates to AdWords, that may no longer be necessary.

Google has introduced seven new Quality Score-related columns into the AdWords interface this week, including the ability to see historical Quality Score data for a selected time period. This is an upgrade to the API functionality that provides the same data, which was released back in 2016.

The new reporting columns in AdWords not only give historical Quality Score as an “x/10” ranking, but also break down the three key components of QS—Landing Page Experience, Ad Relevance, and Expected CTR—in both the keywords’ current state and for past time periods.

The additional columns give insight into why a keyword has been assigned a particular Quality Score, without having to hover-over the bubble next to each one individually.

The updates to AdWords come ahead of two Google events scheduled for this month: Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference, which begins tomorrow; and the AdWords/Analytics/DoubleClick advertising summit slated for May 23rd.