Mass AdWords Delete Coming in March

You know how Google AdWords has never had a true “delete” feature for campaigns, ad groups, and ads you’re no longer using? Find that kind of annoying?

Me too. And soon, Google is going to do something about that.

According to an announcement on the AdWords Blog, beginning the week of March 23rd, Google will perform an AdWords “mass delete” of sorts — clearing all accounts of ads that have been set to ‘Removed’ in the platform for more than 100 days, and haven’t received any impressions. 

The cleanup is just the start for Google — one, they hope, will speed up the experience for some users; and, perhaps more importantly, free up server space on their end. Later this year, AdWords accounts will be similarly purged of ad groups & campaigns that meet the same criteria (‘Removed’ for more than 100 days w/ zero impressions).

This is a good start; though, based on my own experience, will only account for a small portion of SEM managers’ ‘Removed’ entities.  Most of my own ‘Removed’ ads/ad groups/campaigns did receive impressions (typically, before I started working with the client), and therefore won’t qualify for this “mass delete”.

However, Google is making another change in regards to their ‘Removed’ feature: also starting next months, campaigns & ad groups that have been ‘Removed’ will no longer be able to be reactivated or edited in any way (outside of changing Labels). Currently, only removed ads cannot be reactivated in AdWords.

No word on whether, eventually, everything ‘Removed’ from an account will be subject to an AdWords delete at some point.

Shout to Search Engine Land for the heads-up on this.

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