A Recap of New AdWords Features Announced Today

As previously reported here, today Google’s VP of Product Management, Jerry Dischler, hosted a Livestream on the AdWords Blog and YouTube to discuss new AdWords features for Search Engine Marketers everywhere.

While I will get into further details as the week progresses on these new AdWords features, I did want to provide a highlight of what was announced today during the presentation. This has been drafted live during the Livestream, so please ignore any typos or grammatical errors.

Here goes…

Much of the discussion this morning surrounded users, not devices. Targeting users wherever they are, whatever device they may be using, is going to be a focal point of Google advertising in 2014.

The first product discussed was billed as an “holistic solution” to reaching users on Search, the Display Network, and YouTube, all from the AdWords interface. Working with AdMob, Google’s mobile advertising platform, through AdWords you will have the ability to help drive mobile downloads. Some of the features discussed were:

  • App keyword suggestions
  • Display-based app download ads based on other apps installed on a user’s device
  • True-view app install ads for YouTube

App deep-linking was also mentioned. If a user has an app already installed, ads will help drive users to specific points within the app, to encourage re-engagement. In addition, Google is promising app lifecycle reporting, including usage data, for apps tracked through AdWords.

Next on the agenda was cross-device conversions. While cross-device is important to marketers, the big product enhancement we will see in 2014 will be (as guessed) tracking offline conversions back to AdWords-based campaigns. Dischler presented an example showing a 102% lift in ROAS through a beta-test of Google’s offline tracking program.

The final discussion was around bulk actions directly in the AdWords interface. Similar to how Bing Ads already allows spreadsheet edits within certain tabs of its interface, Google is promising that bulk changes, including geo-targeting and campaign setup, will soon be able to take place in AdWords itself.

Dischler discussed automated bidding next. Two new bidding options to soon be included in AdWords will be “Max Conversions” and “Max Revenue”, will will be in addition to the already-live automated bidding options Google offers.

Paul Feng, Director of Product Management for the AdWords Platform, briefly took the stage next, to discuss some reporting and optimization enhancements we should see in 2014. Google is planning on rolling out a “multi-dimensional analytics tool”– a drag & drop interface, similar to what SEM professionals download into Excel on a daily basis. Utilizing live data, this tool will include some fairly impressive visualization tools, including the ability to create different types of charts (like Excel) to fit your needs. Personally, I’m very excited for this enhancement.

“Drafts & Experiments” came next. This feature turns “all of AdWords into a lab”, which will allow marketers the ability to test various campaign changes with or without actually changing existing campaigns. As the name implies, this will also allow you to put a small budget towards an actual experiment, to test a hypothesis live without changing the campaign in its entirety (without results).

Most of the new features announced today won’t be available immediately; however, keep checking this site for future product updates related to today’s product announcement.

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