Bing Ads Bans Third-Party Tech Support Companies


A day after Google updated their ads policy to disallow payday loan companies from advertising via AdWords, Microsoft announced via a blog post on Thursday they would be revising their own ad regulations to ban third-party tech support ads on Bing. Bing Ads logo - teal

The new global policy on Bing Ads is meant to protect users against nefarious companies offering technical support for software they do not own—Windows 10, for example—then convincing less-than-tech-savvy callers that their computers are infected with viruses; forcing them to pay to fix a problem that didn’t exist to begin with.

Per a report on Search Engine Land, third-party tech support scammers were ordered to pay more than $5.1 million in fines by the US government in 2014. Microsoft & the AARP teamed up last December to publish this video, warning people of the dangers of trusting third-party companies with tech support issues.

Unlike the Google payday loan policy change, it doesn’t appear there has been a grace period afforded to companies who may violate the new rule. This means any current third-party tech support ads on Bing are likely to be shut off immediately, if they haven’t been already.

The new third-party tech support policy for Bing Ads has been added to the company’s Misleading content policies page.