Bing Is Getting a Mobile-Friendly Algorithm, Too

As Google’s version of “Mobilegeddon” continues to slowly roll-out, Bing announced that they, too, will begin to use whether a site is mobile-friendly or not in determining mobile search result rankings.

Though Bing has declined to give a firm date of the algorithm update, the company has already began labeling websites with a “mobile-friendly” tag (just as Google has done) if they meet certain criteria.


Bing has provided four main criteria to webmasters to ensure that their sites are mobile-friendly:

  1. Navigation
  2. Readability
  3. Scrolling
  4. Compatibility

The company notes that in order for Bing to determine whether or not a website is mobile-friendly, it is imperative that webmasters allow Bingbot mobile agents to access all appropriate CSS and script files.

While nothing is specified in the announcement, Bing’s mobile-friendly algorithm is likely to impact Yahoo search results as well. Though the companies have amended their existing search agreement, the new deal still entitles Bing to serve at least 51% of Yahoo’s organic search results. Currently, however, there is no “mobile-friendly” label being applied to Yahoo’s SERP.

A Bing mobile-friendly algorithm update — similar to what I said when Google announced it’s own initiative — just makes good sense, both for users and Bing itself. With mobile searches skyrocketing over the past 18 months (and, even surpassing desktop search visits on this very site), giving “mobile-friendly” websites preferential treatment provides an all-around better user experience for the increasing numbers of smartphone users.