Google Launches AMP in the News Carousel

While the search giant was busy putting SEMs into a tizzy earlier this week with the discontinuation of right-rail paid search ads, Google quietly launched AMP in search results for queries that trigger news articles. Though the initial Google AMP launch appears to be limited to the news carousel, the expectation is that these will eventually show up across all mobile search results as they occur.

Given AMP is only showing up in the news carousel at the present time, I figured performing a search of one of the more popular people in the news lately would be a sure-thing. Strangely, however, I wasn’t able to grab a screenshot of this Google AMP launch in the company’s own mobile browser; instead, I had to jump over to Safari to get the screen capture below.

Google AMP Launch in News Carousel

Google first introduced the AMP format (short for Accelerated Mobile Pages) back in October as a standardized framework for the development of fast-loading mobile web pages. With the search engine’s own focus on the importance of mobile last year, Google’s development of a recognized standard for optimizing mobile content may come as a welcome resource to developers still looking for ways to easily implement mobile-friendly versions of their client’s websites.

Search Engine Land has compiled this resource for developers looking to incorporate AMP into their own websites. For WordPress publishers, there is an AMP plugin; however, it is in its infancy, and I’ve noticed via Search Console that this has led to numerous formatting errors.

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