How Fast Can Google Index Your Site? Instantly.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced SEO professional, this post probably isn’t for you. But since I do enjoy writing for all experience levels, if you’re new to the space, keep reading. I’m sure you’ll get something out of it.

If you’re not currently using Google’s Webmaster Tools on any site you’re doing SEO on, stop now, and go sign up. It’s a quick process, and I promise it’s worth the effort.

I see posts in various forums pop up occasionally asking how to get a site or new page within a site indexed within Google quickly. This isn’t very difficult to do with Webmaster Tools; in fact, I just did this myself for two new pages on this site, and it worked in a snap.

Today, I incorporated a Terms of Service & Privacy Policy into Chicago’D, to not only stay in compliance with Google AdSense’s terms of service, but also to ensure that visitors to this website know exactly what any cookies they may receive from coming here are used for. (It’s a good idea for you to do, too, but I’ll save that for another day). I wanted to get these into Google’s index, as it does add some credibility in the eyes of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm.

Right after publishing these pages, I went over to Google & searched for, what else, but “chicago’d terms of service” . Of course, it didn’t show up. Nor would I really expect it to.

Next, I logged in to Webmaster Tools. Once you choose your site’s profile (if you manage more than one), click under “Crawl” and then click on “Fetch as Google”. The beginning of the URL will already be filled in with your website. If you’ve never submitted this site to the Google index before, go ahead and leave that blank, and ask the Googlebot to fetch.

 (Click Image to View in Full-Size)

Below, you will see the URL you just submitted, and, upon refresh, Googlebot will tell you if it was successful or not (if not, check your robots.txt to make sure you’re not blocking search spiders). If successful, you’ll be given the option to submit to the index. Google allows 500 individual URL submissions per account per week, so you should have plenty to work with.

To show you just how quick this can be, here’s a screenshot from the Google SERP right after I submitted through Webmaster Tools (literally, a second later, I refreshed the same search result I performed earlier). Questions? Let me know below.


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