260+ Potential Google Ranking Factors, Documented

If all of the disciplines within digital marketing, the area of focus I’ve always understood the least is SEO. Humorously, when interviewing for my first position in the industry — 9 years ago this month — I had answered an ad for an SEO specialist; realizes I knew nothing about the subject, I was fortunately given the opportunity to work in paid search instead….and the rest, as it goes, is history.

One reason I find organic search to be such a tricky medium to work in is the apparent lack of rhyme & reason behind Google ranking factors. I understand the basics of what makes for “good SEO”; for instance, how Google is now using https and mobile-friendliness in determining rank  — but, besides not knowing what Pandas or Penguins have to do with natural search, I’m still but a novice when it comes to applicable “best practices” within Search Engine Optimization. 

Though I don’t have the expertise, I’m always up for learning. That being said, I found this post documenting over 260 potential Google ranking factors quite enlightening. And I think you may too.

Corey Northcutt compiled information from three reliable sources: patent filings, direct information from people inside of Google, and the application of The Scientific Method to put together this interactive tool. While companies like Moz have published their own findings on SEO ranking factors, I personally find Northcutt’s post a bit easier for novices such as myself to understand.

You can check out Northcutt’s Google Ranking factors here. Shoutout to Search Engine Roundtable for surfacing this.

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