Yahoo Search Goes Secure & Referrer Data Goes Bye-Bye

It’s rare these days that I get the opportunity to talk about Yahoo, but after the revelation by Marketing Land last week that the search engine has gone a similar route to Google in making all its searches secure by default, now just seemed like a good time.

Google took the lead in providing secure searches by default, leading to a significant drop in keyword-level organic data, and an insurgence of the highly-disliked [not provided]. In doing this, Google didn’t exactly encrypt the way that referral data was being passed to web logs; instead, it created its own work-around, that still allowed the referrer source to be passed (google/organic), but not the searched keyword itself.

In typical Yahoo fashion, they opted to instead go a different route– instead of providing some sort of indicator to analytics tools that a visitor originated with the search engine, Yahoo organic visits will, instead, be reported as “direct”. Whether this is just a temporary change, or the long-term solution for Yahoo search, is yet to be seen.

I posted a full write-up on Yahoo secure search on my company’s blog. Please do check it out, and let me know either here or there if you have any thoughts on the matter.

Click here to read the full article on Yahoo Search going secure

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