Where America Checked-Into in 2016 [InfoGraphic]

Our collective obsession with the “overshare” on social media may or may not be a lasting trend; however, as people continue to report to their friends (and Silicon Valley) their every move, we will be interested in seeing what all this data looks like, visualized.

As part of a year-end wrap-up, Foursquare has put together the below infographic highlighting top trends of 2016 social media check-ins by month. The data has been compiled from the company’s native, Yelp-style City Guide app, as well as their Swarm check-in counterpart.

Worth noting (albeit, not surprising) for Cubs fans: the team’s historic World Series run resulted in an increase of Illinois bar check-ins of 23%. Also, Foursquare’s 2016 social media check-ins infographic captures the impact of Pokémon GO, as seen with the increased activity to outdoor parks during the Summertime.

Most interesting—especially for anyone running media for gyms or fitness equipment—is February’s data; the first Thursday of the month marked a drop-off point for the “New Years Resolution” crowd. This is the time these folks stopped hitting the weights, and were more likely to pick up a Big Mac. It could present some opportunities in 2017 for special pricing deals get re-engagement during this key time for businesses in the fitness sector.

For the rest of 2016’s Foursquare check-in insights, check out their post or the infographic below!

Image via Foursquare