How Much Are We Addicted to Social Media? (InfoGraphic)

Addiction is an awful thing to have to deal with (trust me on that one). Often times, it manifests itself in both a physical and psychological obsession; a craving that just won’t stop.

When people think of becoming addicted to something, it’s most likely drugs or alcohol that first comes to mind. However, in the digital age, is it possible that some of us are becoming addicted to social media as well?

I am no psychologist, so I am in no position to say clinically whether or not this is possible, but I have seen some interesting studies on people’s behavior in regards to social media, and I can say from experience, it does appear that there may be some inclination that a percentage of the population is, in fact, becoming addicted to social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube– all of these have become major staples in many people’s lives.

It’s not surprising, by any means. Look at WhatsApp; 450 million users, 70% of which are active on any given day. That’s a shocking statistic in it of itself.

I found this InfoGraphic the other day highlighting some research that has been done on the possibility of addition to social media networks. I thought it was interesting….what are your thoughts??

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