Facebook Messenger Surpasses 1 Billion MAUs

Facebook Messenger Billion MAUs

Another landmark day for Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire, as the Facebook Messenger MAU total has officially surpassed one billion.

Monthly Active Users, or MAU, is a good indicator of an app’s actual user engagement within a 30-day period. One billion is obviously a large number, with few apps in world hitting this milestone: including their flagship app and WhatsApp, Facebook now has three.

To put a billion monthly active users into perspective, few tech companies can boast three-comma user stats. Besides for television—and by that, I mean, all of television—basically all of the tech products with billion-plus users are owned by Google, Microsoft, or Facebook themselves.

The Growth of Facebook Messenger

The chart below, courtesy of Re/code, shows Facebook Messenger’s MAU growth since 2014. This year, the platform has added 100 million new users each quarter.

Facebook Messenger MAU Growth
Image via Re/code

Since separating Messenger from the core mobile app two years ago, Facebook has worked to transform the platform from more than just a peer-to-peer text chat tool. Facebook brought video calling into Messenger in 2015, teamed-up with Uber to provide rides to users last Christmas, and, just recently, launched the Facebook Messenger platform, aimed at bringing games, third-party apps, and small businesses into the app’s universe.

To celebrate one billion MAUs, Facebook Messenger introduced a new floating balloon gif into the app this week.