Buffer Acquires Respond.ly to Expand into Customer Service

Popular social media management platform Buffer—which is not only used every day on our Twitter account, but topped a poll of social media tools on this site early in 2014—announced today that it has acquired Respond.ly, a social customer service tool used primarily for responding to brand mentions & questions on Twitter.

When Buffer acquires Respond.ly, set to take place next month, the service will be rebranded Respond, and will remain a stand-alone platform. Though Respond currently only supports Twitter, Facebook integration will also be forthcoming.

Respond.ly dashboard screenshot via Buffer

Founded in 2014, Respond.ly only has a handful of paying clients—but, to their credit, counts folks such as WordPress, Stripe, Disqus, and 1Password among them. Buffer, on the other hand, boosts a reported 3 million registered users, which includes almost 50k paying customers. A Buffer customer service platform, therefore, is a logical next step—especially given how many brands are utilizing social media for said solution as it is.

Besides for its core product and now Respond, Buffer also hosts a social media image creation platform, Pablo.

Buffer has closed new signups for the Respond tool; however, you can sign up to be placed on a waitlist for early access here.