Businesses Can Now Share Hours of Availability on Twitter

While the Internet—and social media by extension—is a 24/7 operation, it is unlikely that your business is available at all times of day to respond to customer inquiries. Recognizing this, Twitter has given companies the ability to now showcase their online support hours right within their profile page.

The new business Twitter availability has been noted with a little “bell” icon, just below the account’s joined date on desktop, and underneath their URL on mobile.

Any business can list their availability on their Twitter profile beginning immediately—even those that have not been verified by the social network. The only catch is that the profile must opt-in to accept Direct Messages from anyone to see this field in profile editor.

Facebook has offered something similar for Pages for some time, giving companies the ability to define how long they typically take to respond to customer support inquiries. Taking the idea a step further, Facebook offers a special “very responsive” badge for businesses that usually respond within 90 minutes. At this point, Twitter isn’t giving businesses the option of letting customers know how much time it may take to get a response.

The business Twitter availability feature is, ahem, available now.