Official: Twitter Is Changing the Way Characters are Counted in Tweets

Consider this the week that digital marketing gets a bit…larger.

At the same time Google was announcing unprecedented changes to text ad lengths in AdWords,  Twitter has decided to relax its strict 140 character limit in tweets, by changing what is counted towards that total.

Image via Twitter

As first reported by Bloomberg last week, media attachments—like photos, GIFs, and Quote Tweet responses—will no longer count towards the character limit, once the change goes into effect. However, Twitter hasn’t specified just how many of these media attachments will be allowed in a single tweet (obviously, the number likely won’t be infinite; though, curiously, no number was mentioned).

In addition to media, @usernames in replies won’t count against the 140 character limit in tweets, either—though, in new tweets, @usernames will still count. It doesn’t seem to matter where in the tweet @usernames appear in replies; just that the tweet itself began as a reply to another user.

Gone will be one annoying aspect of Twitter: the need to add a “.” before @username to have a tweet show up in your followers’ Timelines. Once these changes go into effect, all new tweets will appear in followers’ Timelines automatically; correcting an age-old usability issue that Twitter has seemingly ignored for some time.

Finally, Twitter is also giving users the ability to retweet themselves, something that has always been absent from the sharing functionality.

Twitter was vague with a timeline for these character limit changes, only to say they would roll out to users “in the coming months”.

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