If You Didn’t Want the New Twitter Profile, Too Bad.

I did not want the new Twitter profile. You know the one– it features a giant header image and allows you to “pin” a tweet to the top and stuff. Nope, I didn’t ask for that.

In fact, for the past several weeks, on both of my profiles, I’ve received a non-stop notification on Twitter when accessing the desktop site to “try out” the new layout. I wholeheartedly refused– ignoring the social network’s request for me to conform. Fuck conforming. I liked things the way they were, dammit.

Unfortunately, Twitter never actually asked me for my opinion on the subject. And, just like that, when I logged into my blog account Wednesday afternoon, I was greeted not to the linear profile page I had become accustomed to (and, appropriately enough, not with the “invitation” to switch to the new layout, either), but rather, the new Twitter profile I had been fighting off.

Now, I’m not so naive to miss the relative-meaninglessness of my gripe; it’s certainly an issue my fellow Twitteratti would categorize as a “#FirstWorldProblem”. Comparatively speaking, my bitching about the look of Twitter’s new layout ranks just above your barista spelling your name wrong & just below “Facebook has become MySpace” in order of importance.

But, I really do not like change. Like many of you, I’m a creature of habit– for good & bad, it is who I am, and there isn’t much I can (or even, actually desire to) do about that.

Although I’m not a big fan of the new layout, it’s obviously not the end of the world, or anything that even warranted this many characters devoted to it; in fact, my only initial rationale for even typing any of this was to let you all know, if you hadn’t noticed yet, that you will all be getting the new profile sooner or later– so, might as well adjust.

That declaration, especially being days late, isn’t likely news to you anymore. But, it gave me a platform to complain about the layout I never wanted & Twitter forced me to have. And, realistically, that’s all that blogging is, anyway.