Facebook Aims to Combine Video & eCommerce with Facebook Collection

Continuing its bet on video, Facebook wants advertisers to use the format to push eCommerce sales.

This week, Facebook Collection ad units launched for retail advertisers, enabling them to attach multiple product images to a video ad within consumers’ News Feeds. Retailers can select the products to sit under the video ad—up to four—or have the option to allow Facebook to automatically pull-in products from their website. Once clicked, the user is taken to a rapid-loading, in-Facebook experience (similar to Canvas ads) where they can browse even more products, with the end-goal being a click-thru to the retailer’s website and a purchase.

Image via GIPHY

Essentially, Facebook Collection is giving consumers a short social commercial, with products below ready for purchase in just a few short clicks—or, so both Facebook and retailers hope. The case studies Facebook has published thus far on Collection ads seems promising (because, of course): Adidas, an early tester of these ad units, saw a 1.8x decrease in CPA when combining a hoodie with similar products like shoes and a bag, per a report on AdAge.

Facebook has yet to have much luck with eCommerce in general, as this report on Marketplace highlights. With Collection, there is still a one-step disconnect from true eCom within Facebook—consumers can’t actually purchase products within the social network’s ecosystem at this point, which still leaves room for conversion drop-off in the middle.

Still, it’s an interesting mashup ad unit, particularly for retailers already advertising on Facebook and with existing digital video creative.

The new Facebook Collection ad type began rolling out to advertisers on Thursday.