Facebook Gets a “Donate Now” Button

If you work for — or run social media for — a non-profit organization, getting folks to donate on Facebook is about to get a whole lot easier.

Facebook has just introduced a “Donate Now” button for use on both Pages and in ads. The new call-to-action button, which the social network rolled out en masse to the top of Pages earlier this year, joins a host of others available to anyone managing a page or click-to-website ad within Facebook.

Image via Facebook

To implement a “Donate Now” button (or any of the other call-to-action buttons on a Page), Admins can log-in to their Business Manager or connected FB account, and visit the Manage Pages option. From the profile view, a button will appear in the bottom right corner of your Page’s header, giving you the option to create a call-to-action. Note, “Donate Now” will only be available if you’ve classified your business as a not-for-profit.

If you’d like to enable the Facebook “Donate Now” button within an ad itself, just select a “Clicks to Website” objective when setting up your new ad. From there, the optional call-to-action button can be chosen just below the Headline and Ad Text fields on the left side of the screen. While Facebook claims this option should only be available for non-profits, a quick check shows that — at least for now — the “Donate Now” button is actually an option for for-profit businesses as well (though, I didn’t try actually setting one live; perhaps it wouldn’t be approved?).