Facebook & Instagram Offering Holiday Shoppers Audience

Following on the heels of AdWords’ special Structured Snippets for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, a Facebook, Instagram holiday shoppers audience segment is available for ads targeting.

According to an article on AdAge, the holiday shoppers segment on Facebook & Instagram is based on keywords that people on Facebook post in status updates, as well as content that they Like, share, or comment on. As with all audience segments on the social network, the data is anonymized and aggregated. 

Facebook has greatly ramped-up its eCommerce capabilities & support this year, with revised Pages that act like secondary “mobile storefronts“, a custom Shopping Feed (still in beta), and Canvas ads, which allow retailers to keep users within the Facebook experience while browsing merchandise.

Facebook did something similar with the Super Bowl this year—allowing advertisers to target users based on keywords & content related to the Big Game. Twitter is offering similar event-related targeting, for both Black Friday & Cyber Monday, in addition to other major local and international planned events.

The Facebook, Instagram holiday shoppers audience segment can be accessed via the former’s self-serve tool in the “Behaviors” section under “Seasonal & Events”.