Facebook Instant Articles Open to All Publishers in April

After this year’s F8 developer’s conference, everybody will have the opportunity to become a publisher on Facebook.

Per an announcement yesterday, Facebook Instant Articles will open up to anyone who wants to publish directly on the social network beginning April 12th. The program, which was launched about nine months back, initially began with a select group of publishers—including The New York Times & NBC—enables publications (including, now, small-time blogs, like this one) to utilize Facebook’s servers as a secondary host for mobile content. 

As with the beta version of Instant Articles, once the program is open to all, publishers & bloggers will have complete control over the look and feel over their content, and will get access to Facebook Analytics to view pertinent visitor data. Unfortunately, unlike on Tumblr, I do not believe there is a way to integrate a Google Analytics tag into Facebook Instant Articles at this time.

Facebook Instant Articles publishers can also sell their own ad space within their content, and keep 100% of the ad revenue earned. Alternatively, unsold inventory can be monetized through the Facebook Audience Network.

With Facebook Instant Articles open to everyone, regardless of size, the social network has created a thorough public documentation site located here for aiding those looking to enable this secondary distribution beginning on 4/12. Instant Articles are essentially an HTML 5 document optimized for fast mobile viewing, and can be published via a custom RSS feed.

FWIW, yes: I do plan on participating in the program once Facebook Instant Articles opens up to all publishers in April. There’s massive upside from an exposure and user-experience perspective, especially for someone like me, with, ahem, less-than-stellar hosting. What about you—will you be publishing your content to Facebook Instant Articles?

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