Facebook Job Postings Come To Business Pages

Not content with being the next big media company or undermining Snapchat’s success, Facebook is introducing a job listing feature for Business Pages to directly take on Microsoft’s LinkedIn.

The roll-out of Facebook job postings, according to the company themselves, is a response to behavior already taking place unofficially on Business Pages now; Facebook is simply providing a more formal process for posting & applying to open positions via the social network. The formalization also enables businesses to promote job listing posts—offering an incentive for both the hiring company & Facebook alike.

As with LinkedIn, applicants can click on Facebook job postings to have information from their profile pre-populated into an application. Data can be edited before submitting, for those folks (like me) who don’t use their complete bios on their Facebook account. Businesses can then follow-up with applicants via Messenger.

Image via Facebook

Given the nature of Facebook, people are likely to see job listings from companies other than just the ones they follow—based on interests and related Likes, connections, and other data contained in the social graph. For those actively seeking new employment, this may be seen as a blessing; for the rest of us, however, being inundated with new job listings (like we are on LinkedIn now), probably wouldn’t be seen as a positive user experience. Facebook will undoubtedly control this—and given the relatively low reach organic business posts already receive on the platform, it shouldn’t necessarily become a concern.

Whether or not a large number of Facebook users will feel comfortable applying for jobs via Facebook is another question. Whereas LinkedIn is a professional network—an online resume of sorts—Facebook has, for many users, been seen as more of a personal space for sharing photos & keeping in touch with friends and family. Though a business will have no access to an applicant’s profile outside of what they make public, there may be some unease with Facebook users regarding sharing their profile with potential employers as a “first impression”.

I guess we’ll find out soon. Facebook is introducing job postings in the US and Canada in the next few weeks to Business Pages. Applicants can visit facebook.com/jobs or the Jobs bookmark on desktop/mobile app to begin their search.