Facebook Messenger Provides Advertising Options for Brands

Know how we just got done telling you that Facebook is out of ad space in its core app? Well, it obviously has other ways create new monetization channels, and next up on the list is Facebook Messenger, and the app’s over 1 billion Monthly Active Users.

That’s right— Facebook Messenger ads are now live. Launched as a test back in April, Facebook Messenger ads are currently limited to those businesses that already have open conversations with users. Once these organic communications exist, Sponsored Messages can be initiated—advertising everything from sales, product updates, or important business information changes.

The benefit of these Facebook Messenger ads is the one-on-one communication with pre-existing customers and prospects; think, a smaller scale form of remarketing.

These Sponsored Messages are currently limited to those businesses with experiences built on Facebook’s Send/Receive API. Facebook Messenger ads can be created in Power Editor, and are charged on a CPM basis.

Facebook buried the Messenger ads reveal in a product release announcement for Messenger Platform, which is now in version 1.3. The complete release notes can be found here.

The Sponsored Messages ad units differ from Facebook’s News Feed ad units which now offer the ability for users to message businesses directly. The new call-to-action, formerly in beta, is now available to all advertisers.