Facebook Messenger Gets Its “Stories” Clone with New “Days” Feature

If you were sitting back & thinking to yourself, “I wonder when Facebook Messenger will get it’s own Snapchat Stories clone, too”; well, wait’s over.

On Thursday, the Facebook Messenger Stories product, named “Days”, debuts on iOS and Android devices worldwide. Days has been tested with some users since September—about a month after Instagram launched their own version of one of Snapchat’s most popular features. As on Instagram, photos & videos posted to a user’s Messenger Day disappear after 24 hours.

Messenger Days is just the latest in a string of attempts by Facebook to cap Snapchat’s growth by porting over the now publicly-traded company’s top ideas. Aside from Instagram Stories, Facebook introduced disappearing DMs into Instagram last November, and is reportedly testing a Stories product in the core app in Ireland. Facebook-owned WhatsApp also rolled-out a version of Stories just last month.

Facebook is clearly concerned with Snapchat’s popularity, particularly amongst a younger audience demographic. However, as we found out when Snap’s IPO become public, user growth as of late has stalled—how much of this is due to Instagram Stories’ launch remains uncertain; though, it’s worth noting, that feature has more unique users daily than all of Snapchat combined.

Unlike on Instagram, Facebook Messenger Stories (or “Days”) aren’t expected to show ads at launch; to be fair, neither did Instagram’s version of the feature at first. Don’t expect that to remain the case for very long—Facebook has recently introduced ads on Messenger (albeit, in rudimentary form), and since the ad product already exists for Instagram (and Stories varies little from Days based on outward appearance), it should be easy for the company to port over.

Messenger Days will be available via an app update on Thursday.