Facebook Upgrades Pages to Create Mobile Storefronts

In case all of the articles you’ve read emphasizing the importance of mobile in digital marketing (like this one, or this, or maybe this) have fallen on deaf ears, let’s make this undoubtedly clear:

Mobile is critical, folks.

In that respect, Facebook today began introducing some serious upgrades to Facebook Pages for businesses, which includes a more mobile-friendly look, improved visibility of the company’s call-to-action buttons, and two new sections to give organizations a virtual “storefront” within the walled garden of the social network.

As you may notice in the Facebook-provided image following this paragraph, Pages’ call-to-action buttons have been moved from inside the Header image to just below; and, they have been accentuated with a blue background and center placement.

Image via Facebook

Facebook has also introduced two new tabs within Business Pages: Shop, specifically designed for retail clients; and Services, for SMBs to list their professional services’ offerings.

The mobile storefront update for Facebook Pages shows that the company realizes that while “Likes” are great — “Likes” don’t pay the bills. With their updates to Messenger a few months back, Facebook took the first step in becoming a sort of customer service hub for SMBs; now, with the new Facebook Pages mobile storefront, the network is positioning itself as almost a 2015-version of IYP “profile pages” from earlier this century.

Given the shift to mobile usage — and the importance placed upon mobile-friendliness by Google — many SMBs with an outdated web presence are potentially missing out on customers through low rankings or the lack of responsive websites. Through Facebook Pages, however, companies aren’t being asked to shell out money for a dedicated mobile storefront; which, Facebook hopes, will be even more of an incentive to one day lean on the site for eCommerce solutions.

For now, the Facebook Pages mobile storefronts are a step in a more mobile-friendly, business-first direction for the millions of companies relying on the social network as one of their primary contact points for consumers. How these page updates play into Facebook’s long-term but generally unspoken goal of getting into the eCommerce game remains a question, for now.

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