Facebook Reduces Pages’ Organic Reach Once Again

In what could be a bi-annual headline at any digital marketing site, Facebook Pages organic reach has been cut by the social network, again.

This time, however, Pages that receive a lot of Shares are expected to be impacted less, as Facebook is weighting these higher in the News Feed. Though this development is great news for larger publishers, the little guy trying to make it is still being pushed further towards pay-for-play. 

To their credit, reducing Facebook Pages organic reach does provide somewhat of a better user experience for those not coming to the site to connect with friends & family. And, with Instant Articles, mobile optimized Pages, and call-to-action buttons, Facebook hasn’t completely disregarded publishers & brands entirely.

Facebook’s New Features Impacted, Too

However, as the New York Times notes, even Instant Articles, which were favored in the News Feed above off-site posts, will be impacted by the algorithm change. Facebook Live videos created by brands are included in this change as well.

Whether or not this latest algorithm change on Facebook forces brands to go entirely pay-for-play remains to be seen. Shares, either via organic or paid exposure, will still help News Feed ranking—meaning, it’s not entirely hopeless, especially for those with popular content.

Finding that content to begin with…that’s another story.