Facebook Launches Its Foursquare Competitor, ‘Place Tips’

Facebook today unveiled Place Tips, an obvious competitor to Foursquare’s own Tips feature, which will provide those who opt-in a variety of information & content about places they visit.

In addition to reviews & photos from those in your network who have visited in the past, Place Tips will pull information from the business’ own Facebook page, including recent posts.

Image via Facebook

The only real difference between the two ‘tips’ features, from the onset, seems to really only be that while Foursquare pulls content from anyone, Facebook stays within your own network for related info.

It’s interesting timing for Facebook Place Tips for a few reasons; first & foremost, Facebook just recently cut businesses organic reach on the social network once again. With Tips, it appears, Facebook is almost righting that ship from a mobile perspective — giving brands with reviews and relevant content a boost to people within a geo-fenced range.

Facebook Place Tips came with another, less discussed announcement — the company will be demoing BlueTooth-enabled beacons in select NYC locations, to provide the most geographically-relevant tips in more crowded locales (where locations are closer together, therefore making specific Place Tips more difficult to ascertain via WiFi and/or cell towers).

The Facebook Beacons provide a potentially very interesting future function — the ability to track offline conversions from business’ ad spends. This comes just a few days after the company revealed Conversion Lift Measurement to help advertisers get a better sense of online-to-offline attribution (similar to what Google just rolled out with its “Store Visits” conversion metric).

Facebook Place Tips don’t have any initial advertising products available — though, its likely that won’t last long, especially if the feature takes off. Place Tips are provided to users who opt-in to the notifications only.

See below for a Facebook-produced video on their new Place Tips offering.