Profile Videos are Coming to Facebook

Last month, Facebook took some big steps to making Pages more mobile-friendly. Now, the company is embracing updates to users’ profiles to make them shine on mobile devices as well — the first of which will be what Facebook is referring to as Profile Videos.

As the name implies, Facebook Profile Videos (actually, they’re GIFs, but who’s counting?) will be looping clips of up to 7 seconds in length, that will replace the static Profile Picture on users’ personal pages. Facebook will give users the option of capturing a video right from the profile picture selection itself, or upload clips already on their mobile devices (like Live Photos on the new iPhone 6S, perhaps?).

Image via Facebook

For those who would rather stick with static images, Facebook is also providing the ability for users to change their profile photo for a limited amount of time — say for an event like the Super Bowl, or a cause like #StandwithPP — and have it automatically revert to the previous profile pic (or a different one, if you choose) when time expires.

Image via Facebook

As shown above, Facebook is also centering Profile Pictures and Videos in mobile; and, the company is making the tops of profiles more visual. Users will be able to select up to five photos to be scrolled through from the Header, and friends & other recent pictures are moving closer to the top as well (instead of being hid behind separate tabs). A new, optional Bio field will also give people the ability to write a short, one-line biography they’d like visitors to see when they first go to their profile (and, yes; the Bio field supports emojis, kids).

Facebook Profile Videos, and the other updated mobile features, have only been rolled out to a “small number” of UK and California iOS users at this time; though, Facebook says that these enhancements will be rolling out to additional users soon.

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