The Facebook Relevance Score: What Advertisers Need to Know

Facebook has taken another queue from the Google advertising playbook.

Months after launching their Google Display Network competitor, the revised Atlas platform — and just before getting into dynamic remarketing this week — Facebook rolled out its own version of the Google Quality Score that those of us in paid search have come to know (and loathe).

Called the “relevance score”, Facebook’s new metric for social media marketers, detailed by the company here, will give advertisers some insight into how their target audience is receiving their ads.

Image via Facebook Blog

How Relevance Score Works

Similar to Quality Score with SEM, relevance score will be reported on an ad level as a number between 1-10. Facebook says that “positive interactions” with an ad unit (conversions, video plays, clicks, etc) and “negative feedback”  (i.e. people that report an ad for various reasons) will help feed how the algorithm rates each ad.

The ad won’t be eligible to receive a relevance score until it accumulates at least 500 impressions.

Once assigned a relevance score, Facebook’s algorithm will use this data (along with bid & targeting inputs) to determine when, where, and to whom an ad is shown.

Relevance Score Implications

Relevance score not only guides the algorithm on when/where to show ads, but, can act as “tie-breakers” (along with bid) when multiple advertisers attempt to serve an ad to the same person at the same time.

Facebook also claims that relevance score can help advertisers pay less for user engagement — a benefit SEM managers are used to with Quality Score as well.

It is important to note, however, that relevance score will not impact Facebook campaigns with guaranteed delivery (those with reach & frequency goals). DR campaigns are Facebook’s primary target here — so, those managing ads with goals of app installs, website conversions, and page likes should keep an eye out for relevance score.

For those interested in more information on relevance score & how to optimize for best results, Facebook has put together a PDF on their new ad metric, which can be found here.