Facebook Swipes from Snapchat Again with Instagram Stories

If I only had a dollar for every time I wrote “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”…

Continuing the company’s unfettered biting of a major competitor, Facebook-owned Instagram introduced on Tuesday Instagram Stories, an exact copy of one of the most popular features Snapchat has to offer. Snapchat, which once rebuffed a $3 billion offer from Facebook, will see much of itself in Instagram Stories when it rolls out globally, which is expected to occur over the coming weeks.

Image via Instagram

Instagram Stories Features

Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories lets users compile photos & videos together for a 24-hour period. The Stories won’t appear in a user’s feed or profile grid, and will disappear after the one-day expiration. The comparison to Snapchat doesn’t end there. Users will be able to add text, emojis, and draw on on top of photos & videos in Stories, similar to features now offered in Facebook Live.

One Snapchat feature missing from Instagram Stories is Lenses—however, don’t expect this to last. Facebook did purchase video filter company Masquerade back in March, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them fold-in this tech into Stories at some point in the future.

Stories are shared based on a user’s profile settings by default, but can be hidden from select profiles if a person chooses. Ads will not be part of Instagram Stories at launch, though this likely will not last long, either.

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