The Facebook Sports Stadium is Trying to Capture Play-By-Play Engagement

In a continuing mission to be your “go-to” spot for all things social, Facebook is launching a hub in the US to feature sports commentary & news reports in real time.

The Facebook Sports Stadium, available today in the US on iPhones (and coming soon to Android & additional countries), aims to help sports fans view posts from both friends & journalists, in addition to live scores, stats, play-by-play, and information like where to watch a given game—all in chronological, real-time order.

Image via Facebook

Like Twitter Moments, the Facebook Sports Stadium is a way for the social network to aggregate major sporting events in an easily digestible manner for users. The comparison to Twitter is no accident: while Facebook has a significantly larger audience than Twitter, its algorithmically-fueled News Feed as always been a disadvantage for events—like sports—as it doesn’t permit users to view updates in chronological order. Facebook Sports Stadium, though a different experience for Facebook users not familiar with a network like Twitter, offers the real-time advantages without leaving the platform.

Perhaps, should the Facebook Sports Stadium take off, we may see other popular events get the same treatment—just as Moments have on Twitter—which could open up the potential for event-based advertising on the social network as well. Additionally, though not specifically mentioned in today’s blog post, data aggregated from Sports Stadium posts could be utilized for Nielsen’s recently-announced Social TV Reports, which will begin including Facebook data later this quarter.

Currently, Facebook Sports Stadium can only be accessed by searching for live sporting events, and is only available for American football. The hub will be rolled out to basketball & soccer, and, again, Android & additional countries in the coming weeks.