Instagram/Snapchat’s “Stories” Are Coming to Facebook, Too

Months after Instagram copied Snapchat’s most popular feature, its parent company is reportedly getting in on the action as well. According to Business Insider, Facebook Stories are now being tested in Ireland—with more countries expected to debut “in the coming months”.

On many fronts, it’s no surprise to see Facebook duplicating the Stories format onto its core app. For starters, Instagram Stories quickly skyrocketed in popularity following their August 2016 launch; 150 million users each day view Stories on the app, which is approximately equal to the total number of people who have ever used rival Snapchat. Stories became so popular that Instagram has already introduced ads into the product (albeit, with limited brands), which launched earlier this month.

The ‘product-within-a-product’ that Facebook Stories provides gives the company a place to fit in more ads within the core app (which it needs) and users a reason to share more on Facebook (which they’ve been doing less of). In all, there’s no downside to any of this for the folks within the hallowed walls of Facebook…

…For Snapchat, on the other hand…

Facebook has been on a mission to snuff out Snapchat for more than a year, cloning much of the latter’s key features to bring into Messenger & Instagram. With the core app’s 1.2 billion daily users, Facebook Stories could serve as a death blow of sorts for Snapchat—whose parent company is expected to officially go public soon.

It’s hard to imagine why Facebook Stories wouldn’t succeed in Ireland; but, given this is just a “test” for now, there’s nothing saying that the product will ever see the light of day in any other markets (though, it would be shocking if it weren’t).