Facebook Announces Video Support for Chromecast, Apple TV

Facebook is furthering their major bet on video in 2016—this time by giving users a way to watch stream videos from mobile & desktop devices directly onto their TVs.

Facebook video casting, introduced by the social network late last week, currently requires users to have either a Chromecast (or Google Cast-enabled device) or Apple TV and iOS or desktop, but Android support is said to be coming “soon”. As videos are playing on a user’s television, they are free to continue browsing the Facebook app unencumbered; potentially to find other videos to queue-up, or to view stories or pictures.

Facebook Live videos can be cast to TV in just the same manner as pre-recorded clips, with Reactions appearing on-screen, while the viewer has the opportunity to interact via their app or desktop UI.

When a user finds content they’d like to send to the big screen, Facebook video casting is relatively straight-forward: they can just click the small TV icon in the top right corner, select the device to stream to, and sit back & enjoy.

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