Gender Targeting in Social Media & Mobile Ads

One of the most under-utilized digital marketing options, in my opinion, is gender targeting. Sure, on media channels such as paid search, there’s rarely a time where targeting males & females separately makes much sense from an ROI perspective. But, in social media especially, where users self identify their sex, gender targeting simply is a best practice.

Even if your advertiser is after both sexes, men & women fundamentally behave differently (and if you didn’t know that, I am envious of your obliviousness); therefore, there is no reason to believe that each gender will respond the same to your ad efforts. Whether you mix up the creative or the placements themselves, there should almost always be a definitive difference between male & female-focused campaigns.

While in the past, you may have created these differences arbitrarily, or based solely on contextual relevance, I stumbled across an infographic yesterday that may help in future social media & mobile campaign planning. And, of course, I just had to share.

While some of what is outlined below isn’t all that surprising, some of it did stand out to me. For instance:

  • Women are 71% likely to follow a brand for a deal, but men are 56% likely to scan a QR code or a coupon, compared to women at 39%
  • Women ignore both social media AND mobile text ads more than men do
  • Men use social media more than women for both dating and business reasons

(OK, that last part about dating doesn’t surprise me)

This infographic, presented by, compiles Pew Research, Nielsen, and ExactTarget data. After viewing this infographic, does anything about your gender targeting preferences change? Will this be something you consider when planning digital marketing in the future?


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