Google Play Games is Dropping the Google+ Requirement

Following the separation of Google+ and YouTube late last year, Google’s social network will no longer be a requirement for users of Google Play Games, according to a post on the Android Developers blog last weekend.

Currently, those wishing to play games through Google Play must have their Google account upgraded to Google+ (a requirement that YouTube made users employ years ago as well); however, with the announcement that Google+ would be relaunched as a stand-alone social network—a move by the company to distance the product from the past bad taste it’s left in many mouths—the decision to remove the Google+ requirement from Google Play Games is no shock.

Google Plus

Once the change has gone into effect, users will only be required to sign in once per account, rather than once per game, per the post. Any users already signed in with their Google+ profile connected to their Google account will not notice any changes. Only games that utilize Google+ social profiles for some sort of in-game features (which, let’s face it—there probably are none) will really be impacted.