Instagram is Bringing Minute-Long Videos to All Accounts

In the midst of the introduction of an algorithmic timeline, Instagram announced on Tuesday that minute-long videos will soon be enabled across all users’ accounts.

Instagram 60 second videos have already been possible for limited high-visibility celebrities and “Internet stars”, and brands have had the ability to post minute-long ads since last month. However, the average Instagram users’ videos have historically been capped at 15 seconds (still 9 seconds longer than Twitter’s Vine app).  

In their blog post, Instagram noted that time spent viewing videos has increased by 40% in just the past six months—likely a major reason for the company looking to boost the capabilities of their own video offering. Video is a digital offering Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has put a good amount of resources behind; particularly after the social network announced it had surpassed 8 billion video views per day back in November.

To aid with video creation, Instagram is also re-introducing the ability to splice together multiple clips stored in an iOS user’s Camera Roll into a single video within the app. This Multi-clip video feature will return to Instagram via an update—version 7.19—which is due in the App Store sometime this week.

Instagram 60 second videos will be part of a slow roll-out, so not all users will get the ability to share full minute-long clips at the same time; however, the company says this will hit all accounts in the coming months.

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