Instagram Ads Are Here For Everyone, Everywhere

After months of teasing us, Instagram ads are officially available for use by all businesses in the US and more than 30 new countries — with additional markets launching by September 30th.

The Instagram ads launch is the first time the social network has made advertising available on a self-service capacity, outside of through Facebook API partners.

The photo-sharing app has several ad formats available: advertisers can utilize 30 second videos, “marquee” placements (read: premium), and landscape photo/video options for small and enterprise businesses alike.

Instagram’s ads can be managed by social media marketers through Facebook’s Business Manager. Similar to how management of Pages and Ad Accounts on Facebook work, those wishing to serve ads connected to an Instagram account will need the login credentials to add advertiser’s profiles.

While advertising isn’t new on Instagram, the opportunity for self-service on the platform should come as a welcomed change for SMB marketers — who, previously, could only work directly with the company to set up campaigns, which typically required large monetary commitments.

Early test brands on Instagram advertising have reportedly seen impressive results on the platform. According to a blog post, the company claims that among the first 400 campaigns launched on Instagram, advertisers saw ad recall rates at “2.8x higher than Nielson’s norms”.

Advertisers will have to opportunity to optimize their social ad campaigns between Facebook and Instagram audiences. Instagram also has the ability to leverage FB’s massive user data pool, to enable advertisers to target via demographic and interest categories.

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