Instagram is Rolling Out Business Tools (Just Not For You)

Great news for Instagram advertisers: the social network has announced today plans to roll out a new suite of “business tools” aimed to help brands manage their presence easier.

Bad new for most of us: With Instagram advertising still in limited release, your brand isn’t likely to get access to these just yet.

The new Instagram Business Tools (which likely isn’t their “official” name, but I’ll go with it for now) allows for brands to have greater insight to general reach & engagement metrics, ad-specific performance details, as well as a collaborative “ad staging” feature, which will give access to several members of an agency team to edit and approve ads before they go live.

Image via Instagram Blog

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is: many of us working in the social media marketing space have had tools such as this on Facebook & Twitter for years (though, both could stand some improvement). Image-based social media networks, Pinterest & Instagram in particular, have been slow to roll out advertising within their platforms (to the chagrin of agency-folk everywhere), with both opting for a selective approach to what brands they work with.

While Instagram said they will release these tools only to advertisers at first, they do plan on a broader rollout to brand accounts later this year. Presumably, they are giving advertisers the opportunity to beta-test, which will allow the company to respond to requests & fight bugs within a smaller sub-set of the community. The larger availability of these business tools for brands may also coincide with a less-restrictive Instagram ads platform (though, that’s honestly just conjecture & wishful thinking).

Are you working with a brand currently utilizing Instagram ads? I’d love to hear some feedback, positive/negative, whatever–on how the social network is performing for you.

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  • Susan Kim

    It’s not such a big problem, you know. Original means of promotion, i mean Instagram’s business profile and its facebook-ruled ads, are quite expensive and are not suitable for all the regions. I prefer more universal tools like Zengram that gives you ability to automatically target potentially interested users by hashtags, city of residence, competitors. Option of posting from any PC is a great addition as well. It’s not free, but cheaper, and, if approached with a sound plan, can be significantly more fruitful.

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