Instagram Live & Snapchat-Style Disappearing Messages Come to Facebook’s Photo App

Thought Facebook couldn’t “borrow” anymore of Snapchat’s unique product features? You were wrong.

And this time, the company even borrowed from itself.

On Monday, Facebook debuted Instagram Live, a feature strikingly similar to the one already offered on the company’s core app. In fact, the one major difference is that, unlike on Facebook Live, Instagram Live videos don’t live on after the initial broadcast is complete—though, I suspect, this may change at some point, especially as the company is looking for places to shove more ads into.

Image via Instagram

Like its cousin (and Twitter’s Periscope before), Instagram Live allows viewers to comment and post emojis during user’s live broadcasts. The live videos will live in the Instagram Stories section at the top of user’s feeds when they log-in.

In the same product announcement, Instagram unveiled their Snapchat-clone: disappearing messages within the app. The timed-messages can be sent via DM, and expire after they are viewed by the recipient. Disappearing Direct messages can either be video or photos, and will tell the sender if someone replays or screenshots them.

Instagram Live is set to roll out to users globally “in the coming weeks”, while the new disappearing Direct messages are available now.

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