(Some) iPhone Users Get Twitter’s Tweet Analytics Links

Extending the company’s newfound efforts to provide greater insight to its users (or maybe as an early Christmas present?), Twitter has rolled out tweet analytics links to some iPhone users, giving them the ability to see performance metrics on individual status updates.

MarketingLand first reported this update yesterday; interestingly, though, I did not receive the tweet analytics links until this morning (even though iOS is telling me I haven’t gotten an update to the Twitter app since the 20th).

The new links, and the results they provided, are screengrabbed below:

I have not seen any reports indicating when these tweet analytics will come to Android or Windows Mobile users, nor can I confirm that this option will ever be available to desktop users. It appears to be a limited test at the moment; though, both of my accounts have been given this option (and one is significantly older in terms of sign-up date).

Anyone else now have the ability to view tweet analytics on their iPhone (or other iOS/non-iOS device)?

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