JC Penney Twitter Account Wins Super Bowl 2014

While I’ve found the game to be fairly boring, and the commercials themselves have been, well, meh– one brand did manage to make a major splash on social media during the Super Bowl. And it came from a rather surprising source.

The JC Penney Twitter account appeared to either be hacked, or be operated by a slightly-tipsy brand manager, before the Halftime Show of Super Bowl 48. This screenshot of the JCP account’s latest tweets began making the rounds late in the 2nd quarter:

Questions began circulating in the Twitterverse that the account was hacked, but it didn’t appear that way to some, who questioned the sobriety of the JCP brand manager. Snickers even got in on the fun, using their own tagline to call out JC Penney’s account:

Turns out, though, if people had just read the tweet that came just before those “drunken” posts, they probably would have seen what the JC Penney Twitter account was actually getting at. This is the tweet that was posted just before those above to the JC Penney Twitter account:

Just afterwards, JC Penney returned to Twitter, to explain, no, they weren’t drunk– they were just wearing said mittens:

JC Penney was able to drum up discussion on a big night for brands, without spending a dime on Super Bowl ads. While some call it stupid (as, of course, opinions will very), I thought it was pretty damn brilliant, myself. What are your thoughts?

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