LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences Ads Bring Remarketing, Email Targeting to All

Frustrated with LinkedIn’s limited suite of advertising options? You’re not alone—but, that is all close to changing.

With LinkedIn Matched Audiences, which is rolling out starting on Monday, advertisers will have the option to retarget previous website visitors via cookie or email address, or target people based on the company they currently work for. All of these features will be available via LinkedIn’s self-serve ad platform by week’s end, according to a report on MarketingLand.

Company-based targeting on LinkedIn—dubbed “account targeting—has been offered by the network for over a year; however, before now, it was only available to advertisers spending a minimum of $25k/month and by working directly with the company’s sales team. The obvious benefit for B2B marketers is that professionals are more likely to keep their current employment status, including company, up-to-date on LinkedIn—something that cannot be said about competitors like Facebook, despite the fact that they offer job-based targeting as well.

Company targeting aside, the lack of remarketing opportunities on LinkedIn has likely kept millions of ad dollars off the Microsoft-owned property for years—with LinkedIn Matched Audiences, advertisers looking to capture the attention of business professionals have a new place for these high-performing ads. LinkedIn is giving marketers the ability to upload contact lists (similar to what is offered on Google and Facebook) to match against profile email addresses on the social network. While this may have some limitations (i.e. users registering with their personal email address instead of their company one), it does open up the network for re-engagement efforts. Similarly, website remarketing is an advertising feature nearly everyone offers at this point—it’s about time LinkedIn is providing this option for self-serve advertisers.

Despite the welcomed launch of LinkedIn Matched Audiences, the social net’s ad types are still, well, a bit lacking. There are Sponsored Content or InMail ads, the new lead-gen format, or IAB-standard sizes with limited inventory available at this time.