Twitter to Livestream Democratic & Republican Conventions

Not settling for just Thursday Night Football, Twitter announced on Monday plans to livestream both the Democratic & Republican national conventions later this month.

Twitter is teaming up with CBS News for the livestreams, which will be simulcast on the network. The streams will be “enhanced with live, convention-related tweets” as well. Via Twitter, both users & non-users will be able to view the 2016 presidential conventions on desktop and in-app.

While Twitter users are likely to already be on the social network commenting on the events, it’s not like either is a surprise. Both Republican & Democratic nominees are basically secured, so barring a contested convention, there likely won’t be much to discuss.

Regardless, the political banter from both sides will undoubtedly run high during each convention. Therefore, the decision to livestream 2016 presidential conventions on the social network isn’t a stretch for either party. No word from either side on the financial terms of this agreement.

The Republican convention takes place on July 18th, while the Democratic convention is July 25th.