Sounding the Death Knell for Meerkat

A year and a half after being the surprise darling at SXSW, livestreaming app Meerkat has broadcasted its final live video.

The official Meerkat shut down came Friday, as Meerkat creator Life On Air’s CEO Ben Rubin announced the app was pulled from iOS and Android app stores. But, in reality, the app that came from nowhere in 2015 was dead long before—a victim of just not having enough resources & built-in users to compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Just after Meerkat hit iOS in 2015, Periscope—which had been an independent app, developed mostly in secret—was scooped up by Twitter, who put major financial backing into its new toy. To make matters worse, Twitter cut Meerkat’s access to the network’s social graph, limiting the latter’s ability to grow its user base.

Both apps made headlines during last year’s Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight—as fans chose to forgo the expensive pay-per-view charges for free livestreaming on the respective social media apps. However, since then, only Periscope (and newcomer Facebook Live) have made much noise in the social live video space, while Meerkat has all but fallen off everyone’s radar.

Life On Air has not given up, however. The company is currently pouring all of their resources into Houseparty, a video chat room app for up to eight participants at a time. Houseparty is available for both iOS and Android, and, according to Digital Trends, has over one million active users.

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