Twitter Reaching Outside Its Walls for Mobile Ad Sales

Twitter mobile ads on other apps? You may be seeing (and/or purchasing) them soon. 

According to a report in AdAge, Twitter has teamed up with mobile app advertising network MoPub to offer mobile install ads. While this is being deemed a “private beta”, it does seem that Twitter will soon open up this capability to the general advertising public.

Twitter already earns over $200 million per quarter on advertising, according to Q4 results, but this move would certainly open them up for further ad dollars. Facebook and other publishers are currently seeing big money from mobile app installs, and teaming with MoPub, who has thousands of apps within its programmatic media landscape, would likely be a significant increase for the social network.

OpenTable, WordPress, and Songza, among others, are just some of the apps with inventory available through MoPub. While the network does team with numerous programmatic buying platforms, there’s no indication that any Twitter inventory will become available for purchase through these methods– for now, at least. Facebook has long had inventory available through the ad exchanges, and as the popularity of Real-Time Bidding continues to rise, the likelihood for Twitter inventory to be sold the same way increases.

Being billed as the “Twitter publisher network”, banners, interstitial, and video ads will separately be able to be targeted directly in Twitter’s platform. Reportedly, current “beta testers” include Spotify, GetTaxi, and a few other advertisers I’m not personally familiar yet.

I hope to begin testing Twitter mobile ads in the MoPub network ASAP. Would this be something you could see using you for advertisers?