How To Opt-Out of Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline

Rumors of an algorithm-fueled Twitter timeline have plagued the service since 2014—fans of the micro-blogging social media platform have continually rebuffed any and all attempts by the company to experiment with the way recent tweets show up when the service launches, opting instead for reverse-chronological order.

As of today, the default Twitter timeline has changed: what began only for users who opted-in has now rolled out to all Twitterers worldwide.

While the new Twitter algorithmic timeline certainly isn’t the #RIPTwitter moment some loyal users feared, many of you out there may be none-too-pleased with having your TL resemble the Facebook News Feed (and, soon, Instagram) every time you open the app.

Fortunately, Twitter hasn’t completely abandoned the idea of the reverse-chronological timeline just yet.

For iPhone users, opting-out of the Twitter algorithmic timeline is as simple as going to Settings, then to Timeline Personalization.

Twitter Timeline Personalization – iOS

On the desktop version of Twitter, again, visit Settings, then go to Timeline, and uncheck the box next to Show Me the best Tweets first.

Twitter Timeline Personalization – Desktop

Though I do not have an Android or Windows Mobile device to test, I would wager the opt-out process on those is similar to that on iOS.

There’s no telling if Twitter will, at some point, remove the ability to opt-out of this algorithmically-curated timeline—I imagine engineering all of their different properties for both takes up unnecessary resources; but, that doesn’t mean that the option isn’t here to stay.