Need a Ride? Now You Can Request an Uber on Facebook

In continuing efforts to boost third-party services in Messenger, Facebook announced today that the company is introducing Transportation options into its communication platform.

First up: popular ridesharing app Uber. Messenger users (in the US for now) have the option to now request an Uber on Facebook, without leaving the Messenger app.

To order an Uber on Facebook Messenger, first you’ll need to upgrade the app to the latest version. Once launched, Transportation can be found via the three-dot “More” menu or by clicking the car icon. Driver status updates and post-ride receipts will appear in a conversation with Uber.

Image via Facebook

Best of all, Uber is sweeting the deal for existing users of its service (something the company rarely does), by offering the first ride for free (up to $20) when booking an Uber on Facebook.

For two companies that don’t offer competing services, the Uber/Facebook partnership works for both sides. Facebook wants to keep users engaged with its apps for longer & more often—which, in turn, is good for advertising dollars and Wall Street. Uber, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about people using their app, so long as they’re booking rides through the service. The additional upside for Uber, of course, is access to Facebook’s billion-plus-per-day userbase.

Speaking of competition, though Uber is the first in Facebook Messenger’s Transportation set, TechCrunch is reporting that Lyft will be available on Facebook in January.