Twitter Provides a Way for Brands to Advertise on Periscope

Twitter is on a roll this week, particularly when it comes to video. On Tuesday, the company announced a lucrative rev-share agreement—to the tune of a 70/30 split, with no exclusivity clause—to entice content creators to bring video to the social network. Now, the company is offering brands the opportunity to get in front of livestream video viewers through its newly-introduced Periscope advertising.

Periscope advertising doesn’t interrupt the flow of live events; rather, in its current incarnation, it is simple pre-roll running before videos begin. Sponsoring brands will see their pre-roll ads shared via Periscope videos on the content creator’s Twitter feed & Promoted Tweets on Twitter, and within the Periscope app itself.

The test case for Periscope advertising is Andy Roddick’s partnership with Chase and Grey Goose for the US Open. Video starring Roddick, both on and off the court, will be featured in Promoted Tweets sponsored by both brands during the tournament, and will be added to the #USOpen hashtag.

Future brand partnerships with Periscope users will be carried out through Twitter’s Amplify platform.